Bogdan Sebeni

Senior Coach

Bogdan Sebeni, Senior Trainer, Coach, and Facilitator with extensive experience of over 15 years in fields such as automotive, sales, banking, acquisitions, and BPO. Throughout this period, Bogdan has excelled in coordinating large teams and projects, focusing on the development of organizational leadership culture, implementing performance systems at the corporate level, as well as building and sustainably developing the work-flows of the companies he has worked with, emphasizing sales growth and waste reduction.

Bogdan has demonstrated remarkable skills working with over 15,000 individuals in his training and coaching programs. It is worth noting that the majority of participants in his sessions hold middle to top management positions in the corporations they operate within.

Bogdan has not confined himself to national borders but has built and coordinated management teams both in Romania and internationally, successfully operating in markets such as France, Poland, Turkey and Bulgaria.

With a strong action-oriented sense, Bogdan’s primary motivation is the progress of those he interacts with. He firmly believes that every individual or team possesses all the ‘tools’ necessary to act with confidence and autonomy under the right guidance.

Through his extensive experience and dedication to personal and organizational development, Bogdan presents himself as a reliable partner to elevate courageous teams to new heights of excellence.

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