Cosmin Galu

Cosmin Galu

Leadership Empowerment Trainer, Founder

Growing up and working in a multicultural environment, Cosmin has a natural orientation for building bridges between team members and teams in different areas of the globe. He is experienced in facilitating structural and cultural change within organizations.

Cosmin believes in the power of purpose and values and strongly believes any organization is unique, resourceful and has all the inner strength to grow. He aims to facilitate the strength discovery journey for leaders and managers at all levels. Cosmin designed, customized, and facilitated learning journey programs that positively impacted organizations’ business results.

Cosmin has 18 years of experience in human resources and training for multinational companies. As a facilitator and coach, he has successfully led transformation programs for leadership teams from Romania, UK, Israel, Poland, Italy, Serbia, and Hungary. His purpose is to help each person with whom he works to manifest their leadership skills with authenticity.

Cosmin believes that building alliances and harnessing collective intelligence is the best way to answer to the fast changes of today’s business environment.

Cosmin creates a secure environment for the clients to explore, exchange information and experiment to bring forth the best version of themselves. Cosmin is a certified professional coach (CPCC) and an experienced trainer and facilitator.

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